Cookies & Bars

Banana Nut Brownies

Chewy, rich brownies with crunchy mix ins and banana flavors

45 mins

Oreo Blondies

Chewy and Crispy in 30 minutes!

30 mins

Cranberry Oat Bars

Easy and delicious bars for dessert and breakfast!

45 mins

Cherry Bars

Buttery Shortbread Bars with Cherry Pie Filling!

55 mins

Seven Layer Bars

Gooey, Rich and full of Chocolate and Nuts!

30 mins

M&M Brownies

Choose different color M&Ms for holidays too!

45 mins

Walnut Brownies

Chewy, Crunchy, Chocolatey Brownies!

40 mins

Oreo Brownies

Rich Fudge Brownies with Oreos!

35 mins

S’mores Bars

Gooey, easy campfire bars with only 5 ingredients!

30 mins